Today is the day…

Well, I already haven’t been the best at documenting the chaos that has been our life leading up to the move day. There’s only up from here!

We are currently on our way to the airport on a cold and rainy morning to catch our flight to Singapore.

My feelings this morning are bittersweet. Over the past months we have really been focused on the adventure this move will bring to all of our lives. However, the past week, the reality of leaving the town we have lived in for 15 years and the family and friends were have made has been heavy. I know this is just a short 2 years in our lives, but a little piece of my heart broke this morning when we left. When we come home from this journey, we will be different and our friends and family will also be different. My baby niece, Liora will be a big girl the next time I see her in person and she won’t know who I am… my biggest niece Sarah will be taller than me. Hopefully our cat will remember us a little… Those small things and so many more weigh on my mind.

This will go back to being a happy blog documenting our adventure, but it feels right to acknowledge the sadness in leaving our beautiful and full life in Fairfield.

I’ll end with a family selfie we took in the kitchen at 5 am this morning. Next stop, Singapore!

13 thoughts on “Today is the day…

  1. You gonna love this adventure and yes like you said, 2 years will fly! Before you know you guys are back in the neighborhood. Have fun, enjoy any minute. Love to follow your adventure (always wanted to go to Singapore, kind of jealous 🤣😉).


  2. Erin,
    We are sending you all lots of ADK magic and hope that the excitement and learning far outweighs the homesickness. Looking forward to reading all about your adventure. The Adirondacks will be waiting for you when you return!
    Xo Kelsey


  3. Dad and I will look forward to following your blog. This will be such an adventure and as sad as saying good bye to you was, I know this will have a profoundly beautiful affect on you as a family. Enjoy it all, FT often, and take care of each other. I love y’all! God Bless! 😘Mom


  4. A beautiful start to the blog! I’m sure the emotions are high, but you will handle it beautifully. Rachel and I will be eagerly following your adventure. Best wishes and hugs!


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