Is Singapore really Disney???

The year of the rat? Or the mouse….

So many times since arriving here I’ve had the feeling that we’re living at Disney world. Ironically there isn’t a Disney park in Singapore (there is a universal which might be why). Liam’s comment on no Disney is “that is such a miss by Disney”. Maybe the feeling is because we just took our first (and possibly only) trip to Disney this past August (some unplanned foreshadowing of the daily heat we now live in). Maybe it’s condo life with 24/7 access to a beautiful pool and hot tub.. maybe it’s the nightly laser light show that’s visible from our balcony? I think what I am really feeling is we are living in a city that we are still tourists in. I’m super happy that we are trying to make our most of our time here and enjoying all that Singapore has to offer.

Marina Bay Sands light show (from the back)

Each night at 8pm (and Friday & Saturday at 8,9&10pm) there is a music choreographed master light show from the bay and the top of marina bay sands. We saw it one night after having dinner at marina bay with the music. We were on the back side of it (ideal viewing is from the Merlion) but it was still pretty great. We also can see it lasers on the top of marina bay sands every night at 8pm. Avery and I like to watch together.

Waterfall grotto at the Botanic Gardens Ginger Garden
Climbing in the canopy walk
The orchid garden. Singapore is know around the world for their famous orchids.

Maybe it’s living so close up to Botanic Garden which is such a beautiful oasis…

Cannonball at adventure cove. Perfect form!
More Adventure Cove fun.

Maybe it’s living only 20 minutes from the “resort area” of Singapore. We’ve been down to Sentosa every weekend so far. It’s pretty amazing. First weekend was the above pictures at the water park. The next weekend was to watch the Singapore Open golf tournament. Not the kids favorite reason to go to Sentosa, but a nice day out. Finally last weekend we made it to the beach! People generally poo poo Singapore’s beaches, but I have to tell you, they were not to shabby..

A happy man at the golf tourney.
The southernmost point of Asia, Palawan Beach
See, not too bad?!? The sand is so soft!
Found a beach club! Eating on the beach with a pool? Yes please!
Avery doing laps at FOC beach club waiting for food. They’re not always so uncrowded, we’re just early birds for Singapore.
Our new ride, the cable car at Sentosa! The only way to travel! Proud member card holders. The a answer to can I ride the cable car is always, Yes!
More cable car views. Major shipping here in Singapore! Missing your amazon order? I found it!

Maybe it’s the nightly fireworks display we can see from our balcony for 10 days over Chinese New Year. We tried going down to marina bay sands to see it, but it was hot and crowded and our balcony is so peaceful, so balcony it is!

Happy new year!

I think it’s really because we still feel like tourists. We’re starting to run out of steam and need some lazy days, but maybe those can be from the beach….😉

3 thoughts on “Is Singapore really Disney???

  1. In the 90s, Singapore had a certain theme park fascination, largely due to Japanese tourists then being our biggest inbound group. LOTS of mini theme parks were built. Even the heritage areas were revamped to be more theme parky.

    Most of these were never successful and ironically, most went away when the real theme park was built i.e. Universal Studios. I guess today you still see remnants of this mentality. A lot of the attractions around the bay area do still have this feel, although personally, I don’t see anything too wrong.


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