Wednesday Feb 12th

Today I went on my first AWA walk with women. I took the bus to the MRT to Telok Pagar which is down in the business district. I haven’t really been down to that area too much, it was nice to see some of the buildings we can see the tops of from our building. I had to snap my pics quickly as the walking group has a strict no pictures rule.

Singapore is full of temples, this is a Hindu temple.
This building is one of the largest and nicest HDB (housing development board) complexes in Singapore. Basically government housing. But most HDBs here are actually pretty nice and desirable places to live. You have to be married to qualify to buy a condo (I think if you are under 35, after that they loosen the restrictions). Social engineering?
One of the shop house neighborhoods
This is a bad picture of the old rickshaw carriage house. I think it’s now a museum. Need to come back and check it out.
I learned today that this ground covering that’s everywhere in Singapore is edible! But, I can’t remember what it’s called… hmmmm.
While graffiti is illegal in Singapore. The city is filled with beautiful street art that tells the story of the neighborhood.
The AWA walking with women ladies. Fun and nice group!

We ended in Telok Ayer (which wasn’t too far). A few of the women and I walked from there to catch the red MRT together. I ended up meeting 3 other women who have kids at the same school as ours so that was nice too!

Singaporean gutters

Following up on yesterday’s rain post. These are our gutters here. They look insane until you see it rain. Then they make perfect sense. It rains buckets here.

I also had a nice lunch with Karen, one of Liam’s friend’s mom. She’s originally from Houston. She was nice to spend some time with. She’s been here since the summer, so well ahead of me and has some good advice.

Just packing for our weekend trip tomorrow. Excited to get our first travel weekend in!

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