Langkawi sky cab & bridge

Researching our trip, this was the #1 must do in Langkawi. the sky cab claims to be the longest free span mono cable car 🚡 in the world. Not exactly sure what that means, but I do know it was very long and very steep. The cable car takes you up to the tallest peak in the Machinchang geo park (second tallest in langkawi) at 700 meters. The rock formations on langkawi are approximately 550 million years old and this was one of the first parts of Asia to emerge in from the ocean. At the top is a curved suspension bridge with a killer view!

This is part of oriental village at the base of the sky cab. Malaysian clip joint. We actually ate lunch in the building on the right. It was one of a touristy type restaurant they have here in Asia. You can get pretty much any type of food. I got chicken curry, Boys had pizza, Avery fish sticks and Ella samosas
Waiting at the bottom. Each car fit 6 people (unless you paid for a private car, but we’re too cheap). They put a nice polish woman who was traveling alone with us. She was very nice and nervous about the cable car. Hopefully we weren’t too annoying.
On our way up to the mid-point stop.
Looking back down at oriental village and the rainforest.
Family picture at the mid point stop lookout. The nice polish woman took it for us!
Off we go to the top!
In the sky cab. We didn’t pay for the one with a glass bottom. Can’t decide if we missed out….
View of the sky cabs from the top.
Ryan having his titanic moment
Off to the sky bridge! Yes it swayed and yes it was high! But so cool.
It’s an award winning bridge! It was a pretty cool design!
The girls loved the glass on the bridge. Dare devils
Looking down from the bridge
Beautiful view from the top!
The sky bridge from the top viewing area. Check out the single support column in the middle, all the suspension cables fed out from there.
A little geology if anyone is interested…
Not our sky cab but I was totally geeking out that it was named “obit” for trilobite.
Back down we go! I have to admit, when we went down the super steep part, it was a little scary…

Once we went down, we went to check out the 3-D art museum which was included in our ticket. The kids and Ryan loved this place more than I should admit… since I was the chief carrier of all the things, no pics of me… there are so many pics to share, I’ll just add my favorites.

No words…

There are literally hundreds….. apparently these places are common in Asia and all very similar so hopefully we can avoid in the future. But it was fun… after this we had lunch, checked out some souvenirs and headed back to the hotel for a quick change before our afternoon Adventure. The verdict on the sky cab and sky bridge was, we loved it!

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