Boating with Captain Eva on the Damai Indah

Full disclosure, I think this was the favorite thing we did in Langkawi. When I was looking for activities, I knew we wanted to do something on a boat, seeing the other islands. I happened upon Captain Eva’s website via another blog. What luck!

First off, it was a little challenge to get to this excursion. Many of the tours provide transportation, but this one did not. Our hotel concierge was concerned about “traffic” in the main city of Kuah and advised us to leave early. Apparently there was a cycling tour on the island. We got a taxi and away we went to the other side of the island. Langkawi is a little bit of a sailing paradise. It’s windy, but protected. There are 2 yacht clubs on the island. We were to meet our boat at the Royal Langkawi Yacht club, where our captain had her own pool bar!

Found it!
Need I say more? Captain Eva rules!

We met with Captain Eva and got ready for our cruise. Avery took a quick swim in the pool. We come to find out, we’re the only ones on the cruise that night. Yay for us! Captain Eva is fascinating. She’s German and left Germany at the age of 38 to sail around the world. She came to Langkawi for 2 weeks and has been here ever since. She’s actually trying to sell her business if anyone’s interested…

Our boat is on the end
Checking out “our boat” as Captain Eva called it. It was us, Captain Eva and here 2 crew (who I sadly can’t remember their names. They were so lovely!)
Away we went!
The boat had 3 levels. Inside was a full kitchen, bathroom and berths that were used by the staff. The main level that had beds to lay on, a full bar, a GIANT tiller and a third level with a sun deck. the girls are on the top here.
As we cruised out (sadly no sails), the kids enjoyed all the lounging and the all you could drink soda. The Damai Indah was originally an Indonesian cargo vessel that was retrofit to be a charter boat. It oozed charm and was beautifully maintained. Her name means “Peace and Beauty”.

Finally we made it to our cruising destination on the leeward side of an island that means cucumber in Malay. There was a open part of the top deck that we weren’t allowed on during the cruise out. Soon enough we learned what it was for. Jumping! We all jumped off about a million times, like little kids. Looking back, I wish we had jumped more and longer. The water was beautiful and warm. We thought Avery would be scared (she did ask to wear a life jacket) as it was pretty high, but nope, she jumped right off!
Ella and Liam also jumped off the bow. They decided it was too much work and more fun to just jump from the top.
We then took the small RIB boat to check out a cave on the island.
Goodbye Damai Indah, don’t leave us!
You can see the cave we went to just past Ella on the right. The entrance was small, we just fit. But inside went up to the top of the island and was filled with stalactites and bats!
The approach
Inside the cave
We then took a motor around the island
We re-boarded and lounged around before dinner.
Happy faces!
Happy boy at the tiller!
With a little helper
Do you think there are any monkeys?
Captain Eva made us a feast! Red snapper, prawns , chicken and her famous corn (she told us everyone loves her corn and she was right! Liam licked the plate)
No, he didn’t drink the beer!
After dinner was served, Captain Eva took the RIB back to her pool bar as she “ had some business to attend to”. See you later!
So full!
With full bellies we watched a beautiful sunset
Ryan’s crushing portrait mode
The langkawi eagle statue from the water
Back to the harbor

We came back to the pool bar where Captain Eva was “attending to her business”. She invited us to stay for a drink (which would have been amazing and fun) but we had tired little monkeys and a 45 minute grab ride. Sadly we headed back to the hotel.

Sometimes you do things you know you will remember always. For me, this was one of those things.

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