Everything is awesome!?!?

When the world is going mad, what do you do? Head to Legoland!

Our original plan for this weekend was to go to Bangkok. About a week ago things started looking less stable. Since we hadn’t bought our flights yet. We decided a big city wasn’t the right move right now. Then early in the week, Thailand imposed a 14 day quarantine on an expanded list of countries, including Singapore. No point traveling to sit in the hotel room. A few days later, they partially walked it back and said if you were a tourist you didn’t need to quarantine, but that was pretty confusing to us. We also began to worry Singapore might expand their quarantine list. Too many unknowns for us. As we were all pretty bummed about not going. After a few brainstorms, we decided to head just over the bridge to Malaysia and Legoland.

We went all in. We were in an “adventure” themed room.
We arrived on Saturday morning, from Singapore, with a little traffic at the border, it took us about an hour and forty five minutes to get there (without traffic it would be about an hour). We traveled by car with a driver. Still not ready to drive ourselves on the other side of the road. Since everything was basically empty, they let us check in immediately. At 10am! the kids were in heaven with all you can build blocks and a treasure hunt in our room!
The view from our room on the 6th floor.
Off we headed to the park!
First we ran into this LEGO elephant. Amazing.
Then we checked out “mini land”. Since this park is in Malaysia, most of the displays were buildings from Malaysia. Above is the petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur.
They had a Singapore display too, complete with a Merlion that would spit water at you when you pushed a button. That was all day fun for Liam and Avery.
LEGO Taj Mahal. Hope to get to the real one…
LEGO Angkor wat. We have a trip tentatively scheduled for may. Will we make it?
Then we headed to ninjago land. Ran into Kai on the way!
Took a ride on the falls ride in adventure land. Got soaked!
Watched the 4D LEGO movie. Very wet.
Built some cars and raced them. This was one if their favorite things that they did. We had to go back on Sunday to build again! predictably, Avery left in tears both times because “she wasn’t done!!”
Got some good races in!
Went on a “drop ride”. Little did Ryan know, you had to pull yourself to the top. Hmmm.
Back to the hotel for lunch and to change for the water park.
Ready to take on the water park! Not too many pics as we were too busy riding the slides. Both parks were fantastic from a ride perspective, Avery could ride everything but it was exciting enough for Liam and Ella. But, Ella was probably on the upper limit for who the park is fun for…
Ninjago was playing in the wave pool. If it hadn’t started to thunder and lightning (which they did NOT call the people out of the pool. Yikes!) they would have stayed in there all day. It was about 3:30 when it started to pour. Luckily we had already done all the slides. We headed back to the hotel to change.
Because I’m crazy and can’t let us rest, we headed to the sea life museum. This was a great, 45 minute experience. Would we have bothered if the weather had been nice? Probably not, but it was the perfect way to kill a rainy hour.
They all loved designing fish and setting them free to swim on the big screen. They have a similar program at the Norwalk aquarium. But it’s much more fun when there’s no one else waiting for a turn…
With the fish!
We then checked out a mall that was attached to Legoland. Found a grocery store with yummy ice cream! Groceries were MUCH cheaper in Malaysia. Tempted to stock up… the exchange rate is VERY in our favor. 1 ringitt is 25 cents USA. Another reason we love Malaysia.
We headed back to the hotel and met up with Liam’s friend, Faisal’s family who were also at the park for the weekend, celebrating his sisters birthday. Liam and Avery had a ton of fun building endless LEGO creations with their friends and we all ate dinner together. It was a great night!
The next morning, since the park didn’t open until 10, we took it slow. Avery loved playing with the legos in our room and looking out at the park. It was really very cute. The room was also great as it was 2 rooms, one with a king sized bed, the other with a bunk with a trundle. It was so nice to have a room designed for a “big” family. Asia is only really set up for the 1 child family….
We had our breakfast and met “the chef”. Asian hotels rock the buffet breakfast. You can get any food type you want. Asian, western, Indian… so. Much. Food.
Built one more tower with their friends. Then we hit the park to finish off the rides we missed the day before. Faisal’s family headed to the water park as they missed that the day before.
We were literally the only people in the kingdoms section. It was a completely surreal experience. We rode the dragon roller coaster twice in a row and could have kept going. I’m sure LEGO is in a conundrum about it. They have to be losing money. There are more employees in the park than patrons. But they are also a large employer in the area. So do they close to save money and continue the economic devastation this virus is having? Or lose money and keep employees. They have restricted their hours. They are only open 10am-6pm. My guess is eventually if things don’t return to normal they will have to close. That will be so sad…
My little criminals.
Einstein made from legos….
Driving school. Ella was a model student, obeyed all traffic laws. Avery, obeyed most. Liam, was a hot mess. Luckily we have a few more years until he turns 16…. the video was captured after he tried to do a u-turn to catch Avery. Fail.
LEGO boating is difficult. Liam sat this one out after his driving school ordeal…
Ella and I took a ride in the observatory which was a nice, air conditioned break.

We finished off the day with a little more car building (they really loved it). Bought some “prizes” in the store. Again, exchange rate in our favor. 3 LEGO sets, 3 mini figures and a bonus set abs mini figure. $128 US. Nice. Finished up with lunch at a KFC 🤢in the mall. Good news is it was only 46 ringitt. $11 us for a family of 5… again, I love Malaysia.

We’re home now after a quick ride across the border. Hopefully we don’t start a new Covid cluster here caught at Legoland Malaysia… All travel is so up in the air right now. We haven’t booked anything yet for spring break. Now that the virus is spreading worldwide it’s hard to know what next week will look like, let alone a month from now! It’s funny how things have changed. We now are worried for our family and friends in the US. It doesn’t seem possible for containment to work there the same way it does here. It’s interesting, some things in our life here are restricted because of the virus, but for the most part, daily life continues. Ryan goes to work and and kids to school. We get our temperature taken and wash our hands a million times per day. I hope the US can get it figured out too so that our family and friends can feel as we do. Concerned but still living our life. Things might change here too. We had an uptick in cases over the weekend. A new cluster developed and it looks to be a big one. The government is cautioning we should plan for a second wave. In the meantime, we’ll all just keep washing our hands…

I’ll leave you with this little ear worm. every time we took the elevator…

2 thoughts on “Everything is awesome!?!?

  1. ♥️♥️♥️! Not sure what was funnier? Watching Liam hit the curb or hearing you & Ryan laugh at him. 🤣 Looks like a wonderful time.


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