Friday the 13th

It really feels like a Friday the 13th this time. First off, my condolences to all on the school closures. While it is for the best, having a never ending spring break is daunting to say the least.

Last night the Singaporean prime minister addressed the nation. He advised calm but to be prepared for further restrictions. He was measured and comforting. He also delivered the speech 3 times, in English, Chinese and Malay. He continued the mantra that we are all in this together. It was comforting. ( In the last 24 hours, Singapore’s added some additional travel restrictions (mandatory quarantines for travelers from Europe) and some “suggested” quarantines for other Asian countries (including Malaysia, glad we’re not going to legoland this weekend!). US isn’t on the list yet. Ryan’s still going into the office, but they are suggesting increased social distancing. We’ll see how long school continues for us. Luckily they have all the pieces in place for distance learning and since I’ve had almost 2 months to marinate on it, hopefully I’m ready. Looks like all travel for the foreseeable future is tabled.

The good news is there’s tons to do outdoors here. On Thursday, I met up with a group of women to do the MacRitchie reservoir loop, including the treetop walk. 15k later… it was great to be outdoors, chat with some interesting and nice women and get some exercise. Saw a bunch of monkeys and monitors, but luckily no snakes. The excitement for the day was way back on the loop, there were about 10ish police officers that were routing us around a certain area. there were 2 tarps, one big and one small. I was hoping it was a training exercise, but we later read it was a death of “unnatural” causes. Guessing a suicide since it was next to a tower. So sad.

Over the treetop walk we go!
Part of the reservoir. The water was amazingly clear.

Thursday I also had to sign up online for Liam and Ella’s conferences. I’m happy to report it’s the same annoyance it is in Fairfield. After many server crashes, I at least got the same day. Liam in the am and Ella 11-12 (10 minutes per class). They are parent-teacher-child conferences here. We had Avery’s this week on Wednesday and I love having the kid included. We’ll see how it goes with the bigger kids.

Today I went to the kids school to pay for Ella’s music lesson (a bummer, their string groups are free, but lessons you have to pay for)…this brings up an interesting conundrum about Singapore. It’s like opposite land from the US. Here if something’s run by the government, it runs like a top. Private industry, you never know… take the kids school. Some things, like lunch, I can pay for online using a credit card. Other things, you have to pay directly from a bank account. So far, we haven’t opened a local bank account (we actually did just give in and open one, hiring our helper was the breaking point for this) so to pay, we either need to do a bank transfer which takes a few days or physically go to the school and pay by credit card. This is true for many things, not just at the school. For some reason online payments with credit cards are difficult here and they tend to use mostly banking cards. Strange but annoying. That and figuring out how to get a “passion” card are conundrums for me. I think a passion card is a discount card (for groceries, etc). They always ask me for it at the store and make a strange noise when I say I don’t have one. Rumor has it I have to go to my community center to get one. Have to figure out where that is first..

Onto the weekend. We’re not social distancing well as Liam’s having a sleepover. If we survive that, hopefully I’ll torture the family with some kind of outdoor activity tomorrow. On Sunday, I’m anxiously awaiting a visit from my college friend, Kristen as she and her family make their way from their home in East Timor back to the US for good. Luckily they’re not connecting through Europe! I haven’t seen her in a couple of years so I’m excited to spend some time with her and her family!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with some condo art. In Singapore, they feel a good condo complex has to have some kind of art. Our complex has very pedestrian “people at play” sculptures. A lot of the others are modern art. here’s a few I’ve snapped in my travels.

Cliveden’s residents are play. Lame.
Chubby baby?
No clue, but it’s shiny!

Also water features are important, I’ll have to get some pics of good ones. Have a great and healthy weekend!!!

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