A trial run…

I hope everyone in the US is hanging in there at home. We’re having a bit of a trial run here. Yesterday, the government tightened up the travel restrictions. Included on the list was Malaysia (remember Legoland?!?). The wording was unclear if it is 14 days if entering the country from last night from Malaysia or retroactive over the past 14 days (which puts us at day 8). Ryan’s HR department has a call into MOH for clarification, but since Malaysia is shutting down their borders as of midnight tonight, there’s a bit of a freak out happening here today (cue toilet paper buying). Hopefully we will have clarification sometime today. We think we are ok as we were not sent an official stay at home notice (they check up on you) but the repercussions here are serious so we would rather err on the side of staying home. They only have one more day of school this week anyway. Thursday and Friday are parent-teacher-child conferences which have all been moved online. Not sure what the long-term outlook is for school yet. The other American school (SAS) is doing a “dry run” on their online learning program this Thursday and Friday. We’ll see how it all plays out… so far today we’ve read, done a little school work, yoga and I made Irish soda bread. I used my Disney fast pass booking skills to get an amazon prime now order in a full system (refresh, refresh, refresh) so St patty’s day celebration with bangers and mash is on!

Irish Soda bread. I’m suspect as I really love my bread maker recipe in the US but alas, no bread maker here…

Yesterday, before the freak out, I went for a walk through the Bukit hills with the AWA group. So pretty and I saw some cool wildlife!

I’m terrible at selfies… in front of a quarry.
A view of the city through the trees.
More monkeys!
A Kaluga, which is a flying lemur. They’re difficult to see as they blend in with the trees. We were lucky enough to see 2 of them!

I love going on these walks. It’s nice to meet up and chat with a lovely group of women and it’s also great to explore new areas of the city that I can take the family back to. Bukit Timah nature reserve is definitely on the list! Singapore did a fantastic job of keeping enough park space as they developed the city. The parks have great amenities too. Lots of covered buildings were people do yoga and tai chi, outdoor exercise equipment and yesterday I even saw a reflexology walk. I’m going to have to go back and use that one!

Working backward… on Sunday we had a too short visit from my college friend, Kristen and her kids as they make their way back to the US from East Timor. She timed it perfectly. I think if she had been a day later, we would not have been able to see her. Our kids got to swim together, take a walk by the river and have dinner before they headed back to their hotel for an early flight. So bittersweet when they left…

While walking by the river, we finally saw the river otters! They were BIG! And kinda gross as they were pooping and peeing everywhere to mark their territory. Eww.

Back to Saturday… I dragged the family to east coast park to ride bikes since I had enjoyed my ride on Tuesday so much.

Away they go!
Found the Opti’s! Not sure how excited the kids were about this discovery…
Hot and sweaty!
So many kite surfers and wind surfers! We might have to take up a new sport! Also, under the flight path for Changi airport. Planes were still coming and going regularly. we also had an ice cream/beer at the wake boarding park. Somehow I didn’t take any pics. It was awesome and I totally want to do it. On a weekday, as early as they open 😉
Right before we left the park, we saw a group training birds. Big birds like parrots. It was so cool to watch!

Stay well my friends!!! 💕💕💕

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