An average Thursday.

Update on the Covid19 situation here in SG. Yesterday we had our highest number of cases to date, 47, putting Singapore at 313 cases. Of the 47, 33 of them were picked up at the airport temperature scanner and were residents trying to get home from Europe or the US. Now all entries into Singapore are under a mandatory 14 day quarantine. Since this was just implemented, it’s a little worrying to think there are people who entered prior to the mandatory quarantine that could be walking around. But there is a LOT of pressure socially and from the government to self quarantine so hopefully that’s happening.

The kids school had their first parent test positive yesterday. We all knew this would happen eventually. All we know is the students were asymptomatic and were in the middle school. If they were in your child’s class, they said you would be contacted separately. We didn’t receive any contact, so assuming they were not in Ella’s classes. Our kids are off school today and tomorrow anyway for conferences. A few of the other international schools closed early this week, ahead of their spring breaks. There’s a fair amount of parent pressure for our school to close. So far the school has been sticking with the Ministry of Health guidelines and they are still keeping schools open. We will see what Monday brings.

This morning we had our virtual parent-teacher-child conferences for Liam and Ella. The overall take away from them are they are doing great and have transitioned beautifully into the new school. It was nice to be able to speak with Ella’s teachers and hear how they think she’s doing. It was a big leap for her. Not just moving countries, but also moving to a different academic structure. We wanted her teachers to know we are also looking for any gaps of knowledge she may have. So far if there are any, she seems to have overcome them! So proud of her! Liam too. Not only is he rocking the academics, but his teacher said he has been integral in pulling a student who used to not have anyone to play with at recess into the group. That made my heart happy to hear. She also said he makes her happy to come to work each day. Way to go buddy!!!

This afternoon we walked to the botanic gardens To get some exercise. We are starting to try to limit our public space time a little. Trying not to overreact yet, but just be conscious.

The “team” walking to the gardens.
Not sure how well you can see, but there are 2 giant water monitors in the mangroves. very cool.
Under a canopy of ivy roots!!!
Inside the ginger garden waterfall
Might have stopped for an ice cream float…. I had an avocado milk. Yum.

Yesterday I went for a walk with the AWA women at Fort Canning. Fort Canning was originally a Malaysian palace. Then when the British colonized, it was the site if their fort. I took the bus there as I thought it was further away. But I ended up walking home as it was so close. I will definitely take the kids back. Not only beautiful but lots of interesting history.

The baths from the Malaysian palace
So many beautiful trees. Interestingly, this was also the original site of the botanic gardens as both Raffles and Farquhar (original British colonizers) were botanists!
One of the remaining towers of the fort. We went up to the top!
This is looking down the tiny staircases we went up!
The battle box museum. This is a bunker from World War II. We didn’t go in, but I will when I bring the kids back. I believe it was the last British position before they surrendered to the Japanese.
This is the fort canning center. It was part of the British military buildings. It’s now part of the national park system. Rumor has it there are outdoor movies on the lawn sometimes. I’ll have to lookout for that!
A British cemetery that’s been preserved.
Some of the beautiful gardens.
The site where Raffles house was located. Note how few people are in my pictures. This isn’t hard to do, there are fewer and fewer people around each day. All the tourists have gone because of the quarantines. The Malaysian boarder is closed and people are starting to stay home more and more. There is no formal stay at home notice yet. If the universal quarantine works, maybe we can avoid one. Here’s to hoping.
This was the sunrise this morning. In this time of uncertainty, trying to appreciate the small things. Stay well everyone!

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