A circuit breaker.

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, April 7th) Singapore is implementing what they are calling “a circuit breaker”. Our cases have been increasing at an alarming rate and even the super stealthy contact tracers can’t find the source for all the cases. At this point there is concern (probably warranted) that we have community spread. This is a little heartbreaking as Singapore has been working so hard since January to keep the virus in check. It just shows how tricky it is. In the beginning of March, our numbers were really low. Then people began fleeing the rest of the world (looking at you US and UK) to come home to Singapore. This started happening before they completely shut down travel and issuing everyone coming in stay at home notices. It was probably only a few days before they were mandated to quarantine (they’re now put in a hotel for 14 days) but it was enough.

This chart shows the stay at home notices issued. right around when our cases began to climb.

Hopefully our month at home will put it back in check. As of last night we had 1309 cases and 6 deaths. Yesterday was the biggest day yet with 120 new cases. Everyone here who tests positive is hospitalized. They’re currently converting the Singapore expo to be a facility to house people who are positive, but mostly well. Happy to hear they will continue to hospitalize everyone.

I’m not 💯 sure what the circuit breaker will look like. We can still go out for exercise and food. We can get delivery and take away. All of our condo facilities are now closed (no pool 😢). The government is employing “safe distancing ambassadors” to make sure people are complying with the measures. We’re about to see how strict things get here. They’ve gone to distance learning for the local schools, which is Singapore’s pride and joy, so I would guess it will be pretty serious here for the next month to get things under control and the kids back to school ASAP. Not to mention the economy being decimated.

All that said, we’re still taking daily “forced mom marches”. Her are some pics from our more recent adventures.

Friday night we walked to pickup our “take away” from Nando’s (a chain of peri peri chicken, we love it!). We discovered this “cannonball” tree. Pretty crazy, right?
Friday morning we had a pretty good rainstorm. When it rains here. It rains! I tried to get a video to show….
Saturday the kids scootered and I jogged/walked along the Singapore river to fort canning park.
With a lot of Purell, I let them go down the awesome slides. Ella was a good girl and refused.
The art bridge. My favorite.
All the places we can’t go 😢
The last swim 😢
Sunday we all walked to our local community center to pick up our government issued cloth face masks. Daddy daughter chat time.
Awesome playground for the future. Too crowded for safe social distancing.
Another reflexology walk. I love these things!
Happy feet. The kids and I decided we want to build one in Fairfirld when we move home. what open space should we put it in?
Lots of Singapore kitty’s
What is this thing? We have a lot of botany homework..
Today’s forced mom march was the southern ridges. These are a series of 5 parks all connected. We had to take a grab to get there and back (we all wore our masks). I’m assuming we won’t be able to do that starting tomorrow, so we enjoyed our last adventure for a while.
Off we go!
Up to the ridge
Mt. Faber park
Sentosa… we miss you 😢
More botany homework
Another Merlion!
Cool carved murals!
The Henderson wave bridge
In the wave with social distancing markings!
The forest walk
We saw 2 hornbill’s fly over here. Too busy watching to take pics.
Alexandra bridge. Much sweatier
Love this guy!
Found a nature playground. Working on our raking skills.
King of the castle
Heading up to the canopy walk. Last stop. Very tired.
Nice views on this cloudy day
Heading out through an old growth rain forest to find our grab home. 10k in the books! Trooper kids!

That’s probably the last of our adventures not close to home for a while. Stay home and stay well everyone…

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