Distance learning

So it happened… last week we started distance learning. All my family and friends in the US who have been doing this for weeks already have my sympathy. It’s not for the faint of heart. In my children’s defense, both Ella and Liam are almost 💯 self sufficient. But for those in grade 2 and below. Wow. While Avery did a great job and was enthusiastic, she did require me to be with her the whole time. And her teacher really gave her a lot! She wrote an entire book on Thursday! My hat’s also off to both parents trying to work from home and quarterback distance learning. I’m not sure it’s possible.

All in all, the kids school did an amazing job with it. Ella alternates live class days (done via google hangouts) and homework days. Her live class days are pretty full 8:30-3 (with short breaks and An hour and a half lunch). her homework day was pretty short, she was pretty much finished by lunch. I would have loved for Liam to have had more work. He finished between 10:30 and 11:30 each day and then annoyed his sisters. Avery worked pretty solid all 3 days. I was so proud of her. We’re now on spring break until April 13th. Then more distance learning until at least may 5th.

Working away!
Liam doing PE. I loved the PE classes. Avery asks to do them still!
A little big brother help.
First day she worked on her bed. Not comfortable…
We brought in our table from the balcony. Better…
We added a little home-ec into Liam’s schedule
More home-ec. Poor Ryan working from home. It’s a lot.
Mindfulness. We could all
Use that…
Math. On the floor.
More gym…

3 exhausting days. Hopefully it will only be for 3 more weeks, but who knows….

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