Phase 2!

The government here surprised everyone and started our phase 2 early, last Friday! And they opened up A LOT. Even strict Singapore is not immune to the financial implications of long term lockdowns. Restaurants, shops, beaches, POOLS, TENNIS, parks, FRIENDS. Life is GOOD. The kids have all had play dates, Ryan and I have played tennis and we ate ice cream… outside! Sitting down! The little things have been made all the more sweet. Next week museums open and we’re really hoping the zoo. Social distancing is still very strict and 💯 mask usage. But it’s all good.

This past week we had “mom camp” which meant a lot of bike rides and walks. I have a few fun pictures from our adventures. Hopefully we will continue to have more Singapore adventures, we are getting to know this city by 💜

2 weeks ago we rode our bikes in a new neighborhood following a trail a friend mapped out called “the temple tour”. This first building is called the David Elias building. This building was build in 1928 by it’s namesake as his trading company. The building is famous for its architectural style, but since the Jewish community is very small here, it’s nice to see some landmarks represented.
Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple (Chinese temple for the goddess of mercy, believed to bring good luck. All religious institutions have been closed for the circuit breaker (see the gates and fences). People were praying outside which was both happy and sad to see. As of the 26th they will reopen to only 50 people max at a time.
Sri Krishnan temple next door. The entrance is decorated with 10 incarnations of the Hindu deity Vishnu. We were all partial to the green dog man to the right..
More bike riding sightings (different ride than the pics above) I kinda love this one, I feel like this a lot.
Shipping is still going strong!
Marina Bay from the other side!
On this ride we rode home through Kampong Glam. Deserted Sultan mosque.

Both of the bike rides above were before phase 2 started, so much less crowded. Hopefully more adventures to come as the city reopens.

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