A whole zoo for birds?!?

Only Singapore would have a whole zoo just for birds. Last weekend we ventured to the Jurong bird park. It was pretty impressive and we only managed to make it through about half of it (all 5 of us over-heated in the aviary, next time we will go to the bird park at 9am and visit the aviary first). We finished the day up with some din tai fung for lunch then took the MRT home (Erin the crazy public transit girl strikes again) which took about an hour. That’s about the longest any travel takes in Singapore. Avery was happy as the MRT was above ground which is fun for her…

Another amazing enclosure. Singapore really does zoos well.
There was a whole building full of hatchlings. From eggs to 1 year olds. This woman was so patiently feeding brand new babies. This was the baby owl born 5 days before.
So many parrots…

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