Local tourists

We continued being tourists in our own city this weekend. Friday was a holiday here (Hari Raya Haji). While Ryan still worked in the morning, we managed to escape in the afternoon. What a better way to pretend you’re traveling than heading to the airport? In all seriousness, Singapore has the number 1 rated airport in the world. This is mostly thanks to the amazing experience known as Jewel. Since it’s not always easy to take the time to experience jewel when trying to catch a flight, now seemed like a perfect time. It was also lovely to feel cool for a few hours inside the dome. Sadly, I didn’t prebook the bouncing net experience and it was full. I guess we will have to go back….

It’s actually remarkably peaceful to watch.

Next up was our normal sports Saturday.

Saturday night we headed back to the zoo (enough with the zoo already, right?!?) to the last of the 4 parks. The night safari. It was great! Hard to get pictures of the animals, but they were super active. We walked through an enclosure with bats (pretty much like a horror film), saw a real life pangolin (it was huge and moved like a raccoon!) and saw a keeper call a sloth bear like a dog (the bear was named was Krish, and he really came). We also got a Mercedes excursion van for our car in the way up. Nice! We didn’t get to see the zoo keeper show as it was always full! Next time.

Finally Sunday! The girls got their back to school haircuts in the morning, then we all had brunch at the American club. A little back to school shopping for Liam and I, then Sunday night we headed out for a ride on the Singapore flyer! This has been a bucket list attraction for Avery. When we first moved here, it was closed because it was broken. Then the circuit breaker. Finally it reopened this weekend! Such an awesome experience to have a car designed for 28 people for just the 5 of us! we enjoyed the view and the experience! It was a bit hazy, but with our unpredictable weather, I’ll take it!

When you have the car to yourself….

Finished up with some Senor taco at CHIJMES.

A fun weekend which actually looks tiring but wasn’t. Now to figure out next weekend, National Day weekend!

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