A visit to the heartlands…

The more “local” areas in Singapore are referred to as the heartlands. This is where typical Singaporeans live. Not expats, not crazy rich Asians. They are culturally rich areas full of HDB blocks (these are government built housing which 80% of the population lives) local hawkers, wet markets and religious centers. They have a vibrant feel to them that makes them fun to go to.

We’re trying to have a fun (ie not sitting at home on tech) last week before school starts. Today we visited Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park (when I say Ang Mo Kio I realize that I haven’t quite lost that hard Buffalo A yet…) the park was only a short MRT ride away and was a beautiful reminder of how thoughtful Singapore was in designing its urban spaces. Instead of fighting or eradicating it’s natural spaces, it embraces them and makes them part of the community. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park is really a flood plain for the kallang River. Such a smart use of a necessary space and an acknowledgement in the era of global warming, we need to be prepared. It also creates a peaceful space in the midst of the city. Singapore is full of these regional parks and I hope to visit as many as possible in my time here.

Finished the day with a treat before hopping on the MRT for home. I had ah egg custard tart. Sooo good….

Hopefully we’ll have more fun posts from this week. Seeing the summer out with a bang!!!

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