Today we were gifted mooncakes. Mooncakes are eaten in Asia to celebrate the Mid-autumn festival which celebrates gathering (of people and crops), thanksgiving (for crops and harmonious unions and praying (for good fortune, babies, fertility, beauty, fortune). People gift each other mooncakes to wish them well. Today one of Ryan’s co-workers gave us our first batch. They were beautifully wrapped in a fancy box and gift bag. They are typically made of lotus paste and red bean paste. The mid-autumn festival this year will officially be celebrated on October 1st (full moon) and there are usually celebrations with the lighting of lanterns, burning of incense and parties. Not sure how this will be done this year but I look forward to it anyway!

Liam and Avery have done a tasting for you. I will caveat the video by saying I ate them as well and thought they tasted fine. Not as sweet as a western dessert, but not objectionable. Ella tried them off camera and did not like them. Red bean is a very common flavor here. It’s sweet, not like red beans in chili. enjoy the video (and sorry I spoke so much!).

The lotus mooncake
The red bean mooncake

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