Covid Art

Singapore is already exhibiting art inspired by the Covid experience. Amazing. I went to the National Gallery today with a friend and we walked through their new multi-media collaborative exhibit, “Proposals for Novel Ways of Being”. These exhibits will be continuously rolled out between now and February. Some will be physical exhibitions and some will be online. They pull from the art schools, galleries and museums. So creative and interesting. I’m always looking for “covid silver linings” and maybe the art world will provide us with one.

This was the first exhibit. I adore the title of this. Is this a “glitch season” or are we stuck in the glitch? The art in the exhibit was super thought provoking. My favorite piece was one that had a scan code that took you to another work of art in a video. The docent at the museum said the artist changed the art in the scan periodically. Super creative and meaningful as our entire life here in Singapore is now controlled by scan codes (to enter any space, to look at a menu..). I also enjoyed the “archeological dig” items from now that would be found in the future. It really made you think about how much of our lives is full of trash….
The “Time Passes” exhibit was interesting in its juxtaposition with the chapter in Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse”. Many of the pieces of art work explored how our lives went from a million miles an hour to just stopped. What will our “holiday house” look like after covid? One art piece was a reiki studio that had a light installation that reacted to you making sounds. Kinda fun and interesting. Another were photographs of “hostile architecture” in Singapore. I’ll need to consider that concept for a while…

Bottom line… so lucky to have both the time and opportunity to visit these exhibits. I look forward to future additions to this concept. I’m also excited to see what other art (music, books, movies) comes from this time. Covid silver linings….

The view from the top floor of the museum isn’t too bad either….

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