Sick days

We now know what happens when your kid gets sick in the new covid world…

Last Saturday we had invited 2 of Ryan’s co-workers and their wives over for dinner (we had originally thought to go out, but being 6, we couldn’t). This necessitated a little scrambling for me. I’m not sure what I was thinking when we moved here, but I didn’t bring ANYTHING for entertaining. No platters, no place mats, nothing. I think that I envisioned a world where we would eat out or be traveling. Sigh. So I had shopped a little last week and made our home look presentable.

Everyone was here and we were having apps on the balcony when Avery came over to me. I could tell something was wrong immediately. Before she could answer, she vomited all over me. Awesome. Luckily everyone there was a parent and was very cool about it. I cleaned up Avery and myself and we moved indoors. All good.

Well, it ended up being a solid stomach flu. Ella also came down with a fever the following morning. Luckily, as far as I know, everyone that came over on Saturday was fine and Avery’s friend she had played with on Saturday was also fine.

I knew they both needed to go to the doctor ASAP in case we received a 5 day SHN to get the clock ticking on that. Monday at 9am we were in her office that is a convenient 5 minute walk away. Luckily, as they had no respiratory symptoms, we were not under the 5 day SHN and did not have to have a covid swab. I was actually more concerned about dengue, but the doctor seemed to not be worried about this either. Luckily she was correct in that it was just a run of the mill stomach virus (I’m happy to report all those years of medical school are indeed better than google 😉) Those pesky GI bugs are stubborn, surviving all the masking and hand washing!

Bad news is the school said all 3 kids had to stay home until the girls were fever free for 24 hours. So Liam was stuck home too. Good news is their school here is great. Ella’s work is always posted online and I went on Monday and picked up Liam and Avery’s school iPads. Their teachers gave them enough work to keep them busy. A silver lining is I discovered Ella’s math teacher posts all of his lecture slides that are very in-depth. She’s been struggling a little in math this year, so we had time to slowly review each slide together. Going forward, I know to go through these with her are review anything she didn’t understand or they didn’t get to in class. The girls kicked the fever by Tuesday, but were VERY rundown. We ended up keeping them home all week anyway. Liam happily went back on Friday, ironically for “Global Be Well Day”.

In a way I’m happy this happened so early in the year. We know exactly what to expect now and what to do. Honestly, it’s how we should have been functioning all along.

Monday, I will be cheering as the school bus pulls away with all 3 kids again.

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