Celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival at Gardens by the Bay

We’re still celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival here in Singapore (remember the mooncakes?!?). While some celebrations continue until the end of October, this past weekend was the last weekend for the light displays at Gardens by the Bay. So we headed there on Friday night to check it out. I also made a reservation to go on the skywalk of the super trees, which was something we haven’t done yet. It was a beautiful, full moon night, so despite grumbling children (“why do you always MAKE us go places?!?” Evil, I tell you, I am evil) everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.

After then we grabbed dinner at the food court there. Nothing fancy but easy with hungry kids.

Not much else in other news. All kids were back in school all week last week. Ryan made a new friend who lives across the street from us. They played a round of golf together last week. I can’t believe it, but I was happy he was able to get out to golf again. Golfing has been a bit challenging here. I played a lot of tennis (my match was rained out halfway through, but hoping to close it out with a win tomorrow…) and have gone to a few more “teas” over the past few weeks. I love the teas for a few reasons. One, it’s a nice way to meet new people (they are organized through the AWA), two they are super yummy and three, it’s nice to checkout new restaurants. One was at SKAI which is on the 70th floor of the swissotel. The view was stunning and the food yummy. The second tea was an Indian tea at a restaurant near our condo called yantra. The food was SO GOOD.

While I sometimes struggle here with feelings of uselessness, it is so nice to have all of these experiences. Pretty lucky at the end of the day.

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