Such a rollercoaster this 2020 has been. Lately, I’ve been feeling the sting of the covid world of 2020 acutely. If I’m honest, it was difficult to muster up the mental fortitude to celebrate Thanksgiving. But the reality is, there is much to be grateful for. Sometimes making a list helps. So here is mine, in honor of “American Thanksgiving” I’m grateful for:

  • My 3 not so little turkeys. Their flexibility and ability to make the best of everyday make me so proud.
  • My hardworking husband who has stretched himself so far and so thin this year. I see you and you are my ❤️
  • Our friends and family near and far who are only ever a FaceTime away.
  • Our new friends here who provide an ear and shoulder when needed most. We are in these strange trenches together and I am grateful.
  • For tennis. For the outlet it’s provided me and the new friendships.
  • The American club. The place I thought we’d never need has become a much needed second home of sorts. Because sometimes you just need a (beef) hot dog and some BBQ.
  • For Singapore. This little island is perfectly imperfect and has taught us the value of community over self. We will be forever indebted to this nation for creating a functioning oasis in a sea of chaos.
  • For school. Full time in person providing for our children’s physical, emotional and social needs. I will be forever grateful.
  • New food adventures. From hawkers to Michelin starred restaurants. Singapore, your food is unmatchable and I’ve been ruined forever in the best possible way.
  • For the new cultures, holidays and traditions we’ve been exposed to. The more you embrace differences, the richer your life becomes. a much needed life lesson for myself and one I wish everyone could experience.

Our celebration was our family, 2 of Ryan’s coworkers (American) and one of the co-workers wife and daughter. We had a lovely meal and talk. Food traditions are so important when missing home and family. 💕

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