A week in the life…

Life rolls on. I realized I haven’t written a generic post in a while. Our weeks are mundane (school and activities) punctuated by things of interest. Our grown up social life is definitely driven by food and restaurants. Last weekend we had a big week, 2 nights out in a row. Took me 3 days to recover! 9:30 has become my bedtime of choice. This weekend, the kids are busier but the grownups are more low key which is good. Here’s a little snapshot of the past week.

Friday we went over to a friends house to have dinner with the Fairfield county crew! We now have 2 families from Fairfield, 1 from Westport and 1 from Darien we are friends with. It was fun to get them all together and talk about home and Singapore. 2 of the families are new to Singapore since January and our friends Jim & Sally have been home twice now to see their kids. We realized Ryan and I were the only ones who haven’t been out of Singapore since before Covid and were the only ones who had never been swabbed for covid. We are really are sheltered…

Sunday we spent recovering from too much weekend. We watched frozen 2 and the mandalorian (so happy to have Disney plus again). Avery had 2 birthday parties on Saturday, so she also spent Sunday recovering in jammies, painting.

This most recent weekend was low key. Friday night Liam and Avery had friends over and we had a proper American cook out (cheese burgers, corn, watermelon). Saturday Liam went for an epic sleepover birthday party (11am Saturday-5:30pm Sunday!). Saturday we had dinner by the pool with condo friends. Also on Saturday, Avery was awarded her yellow belt in taekwondo. We thought she was just going to get her yellow tape, so she was so excited to have earned her full belt ahead of time. She’s really taken to taekwondo. It’s wonderful to see a child love an activity so much. It was a fun weekend.

Last week I panic bought us a trip on the royal Caribbean “cruise to nowhere”. We leave Thursday the 25th and return the 29th. So excited to leave the island. Everyone we know who has done it, loved it, so hopefully we feel the same. The kids are so excited and it feels nice to have something to look forward to. Stay tuned for that post!

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