Guest post by Liam

I went to the wet market today to buy fruit. I came home with a dragon fruit. The kids have been wary of it because I made the mistake of buying one before we moved to try. But it wasn’t ripe. At the wet market, they ask when you want to eat it and pick it out accordingly. For reference. It’s a little soft to the touch. They come in purple or white (but look similar on the outside). The vendor at the fruit stall told me the purple is sweeter. It’s also much messier. Might get white next time.

He took 2 or 3 more bites after the video. It’s not super sweet. I think it’s kind of refreshing. Luckily I like it as I think it’s my breakfast in the morning.

A guest post…

Otherwise titled, Daiso, we love you.

In our sleep deprived haze and not knowing what stores to go to, we ended up at Daiso. Daiso is a Japanese version of a dollar store. Everything in it is S$2. Ryan and I got hangers, garbage bags, all the adult stuff. The kids discovered the candy aisle. This video is them trying their new candy.