Happy Vesak Day!

Today is a public holiday in Singapore. Which is a little underwhelming during lockdown, but there it is… Singapore is a bit of a religious melting pot which means we have a lot of public holidays. I’m enjoying learning a little about each religion that’s tied to the holiday.

The Thursday holiday was also well timed as were all burnt out. Home based learning is exhausting and Ryan’s 24-7 work schedule is taking a toll. Hard to complain as we’re so very fortunate but everyone has their struggles.

Avery’s been having a more and more difficult time with home based learning. I find this extra frustrating as I have the time to spend with her to help her. My having the time doesn’t equal her wanting to do the work. I finally contacted her teacher yesterday who was wonderful. We agree that we don’t want the outcome of this to be that she hates school. Her teacher is also concerned that the transition to a new country/school then the pandemic right on the heels of that might be a little too much for our little nugget. I think she might be right. The school has a lot of psychological resources that I think we will be utilizing. I’m struggling right now to set aside the guilt I feel about this. In the mean time we’re going to do more reading together, play more games and bake and worry less about finishing every school task. It’s teacher approved…

I’m also worrying a lot about our physical health during this lockdown. We move less and less each day and are on tech more and more. I’m very much missing a yard and a driveway. I worry about what the long term repercussions will be from this. To that end, I tortured the family (yes we all went, violating the only one adult rule, we haven’t been caught yet) with a walk along the river to the Merlion. Probably about a 4 mile journey round trip. Liam and Avery took scooters. With the masks and the heat, this was an accomplishment. We’re happy to report it’s still there! Here are some pics from the walk.

Avery scootering along the Singapore River


Victoria concert hall
Cooling off in the spray of the Merlion
So lonely
Finally had the space to take the cheesy drinking the Merlion water pic.
At night the buildings say “SG❤️”
Ella enjoying the solitude.

It was nice to see that there’s still a world out there. Also so many people were out walking and biking. Almost all people were wearing masks (they’re compulsory here) which is great but it’s sad not to see people’s smiles anymore. There’s a detachment now that’s sad. Hopefully it won’t be for forever.

Our lockdown is in place until June 1st. That feels so far away right now. But they are starting to lay out the plan of what opening up will look like which feels positive. No word on school yet. The last day of the school year is June 11th so they would only go back for a few days. The kids want to go back to see friends but I don’t really care either way. The whole summer looming ahead feels scary right now. We had planned for visitors and traveling. I’m mourning the loss of that. But we have our zoo membership, museum memberships, and cable car membership. Camp mom, here we come!

I’ll close with a few more pics from the last few weeks. Nothing exciting, but that’s true for all of us, right?

Virtual lessons have continued. Liam’s actually practicing a fair amount. Go figure…
We tried making a “classroom”. Plan was shortly abandoned.
I took a much needed solo walk to the Henderson wave. Almost no one there.
View from the Henderson wave
On our walks we found a quiet street for the kids to scooter. It has all “black and white” houses on it which are historical homes that the British officers lived in when Singapore was a colony. One of the few historical buildings that haven’t been demolished. #housegoals
Parked illegally outside our local mall where we grocery shop. Despite the cost, the cars we see here are unreal. There’s a house we walk by sometimes that has a fleet of Ferrari’s. Crazy.
This week they removed the restriction about “exercising” or “walking” on condo grounds. Kids are happy to be able to come down now for a quick jump or scooter. It’s the small things.
Despite the optimistic pics, this is how most of the time is spent.
Luckily we have beautiful skies that never get old. Stay well 💕

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