Back to School!

Today was a happy day in the Morris household. Today was the first day of school. Full time, in person school. It was great for all of us! The kids were excited to go back and seemed to love their teachers!

Ella: her advisory teacher is Mr Jung. He’s Hungarian by birth, but grew up in South Africa. Besides advisory, he teaches Spanish. Ella really liked him. Advisory is awesome. It’s like homeroom but way better. They are very concerned about making sure middle and high school students are ok, not just academically but socially and emotionally. They call it “pastoral care”. The advisory teacher really gets to know each kid. For the first 2 days of school they are spending half of it in advisory getting to know each other. They will also eat their lunch in advisory while under covid restrictions. Other good news is Ella’s best friend from last year is in advisory with her. That makes all the difference!

Liam: his teacher is Mrs Roth. She’s Canadien, but grew up in Singapore herself. She’s been a teacher for 23 years and looks perfect for Liam. Her husband is a 4th grade teacher at Stamford and they have 3 kids that also attend the school. Liam was happy to be back in the class He is with one of his best friends again. He was funny tonight. He said, you know mom, I’m not the new kid anymore. There’s a whole new crop. It feels good to not be a new kid anymore.

Avery’s teacher is Ms. Murphy and she’s Irish. Avery said she’s super nice and very funny. She has 4 girls from her class last year in this years class. Ms Murphy said if they keep up the good work at social distancing, they can hopefully go outside for recess next week. Fingers crossed!

My fingers are also crossed for our family and friends at home. I’m sad you will not be going back to full time school next month. I hope that you get to move back to that as soon as possible. You are all in my thoughts….

Ready to go. Thankfully the uniforms still fit!
Off to the bus!
Back to the bus auntie and uncle! I might have let out a large woop as the bus pulled away….

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